Self Awareness

Author: Jill Thomas

Self-awareness is the ability to know yourself and honestly examine your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and communication style. It is something we need to consistently practice in order to reap the benefits and improve our lives. How can we do this? One way is to make a conscious choice to examine what makes us who we are and how we affect others in our life.  Compare this to who we want to be. Ask those around you (whose opinion you value) questions about how they perceive you. Does this align with how you see yourself? More importantly, how do you perceive yourself? Do your thoughts and actions match your perception of yourself and who you want to be?

What can you do to become more like the person you want to be? Small changes make big differences. Make a list of the qualities and traits that you want to have. Throughout the day, work on noticing how you can utilize or embody those qualities. How does that feel? Does it feel comfortable?  There may be times when we act in ways that are not in alignment with how we want to be or how we wish to be perceived. 

When intentions and actions are out of alignment we may experience feelings of sadness, depression, nervousness, and anxiety. These can be warning signs that we are straying from our true selves. When this happens, step back and reflect on what is happening within yourself and how you are reacting. Apologize to others if is appropriate and also apologize to yourself for losing sight of who you really want to be. Please remember, always ask for help when needed. For more guidance and individual counseling, please contact Samaritan Counseling Center for an appointment at (219) 879-3283.