Don’t Post That! Journal It!

By: Elizabeth Clements

Don’t Post That! Journal It! 

Have you ever posted something on a social media platform and immediately regretted it then deleted the post? Often these posts come from a place of emotion. We might feel misunderstood or want to tell our side of a story, so we take to social media to share ourselves. We write a post that is true to our present feelings and our intention is misconstrued by others leaving us feeling worse than we did before posting. Sometimes, just getting our thoughts out is enough to help us move on from the situation or event.  

Writing is a wonderful way to help organize our thoughts while allowing us to relieve some internalized stress. Journaling has been linked to positive mental health. Writing down our thoughts and emotions can help reduce depression and anxiety while allowing you to better understand yourself. Jotting down moods or emotions throughout the day can help you identify patterns of feelings. For example, I always feel extremely anxious on Sunday nights while I anticipate what Monday might bring or what I have forgotten for the week. To help reduce this anxiety and get a full night’s rest I write down anything that could go wrong on Monday morning and while doing this I begin to remember things I have forgotten I need to accomplish throughout the week. This process has helped me to relieve anxiety, sleep better, and be more prepared for the next day.  

Journaling can be tailored to your needs. This does not have to be a “Dear Diary” entry, rather entries of emotions or thoughts that provoked a response within you. If you write about something that makes you angry or fearful and you want to let go of it, write it down then rip up the paper. The physical act of tearing up the paper symbolizes letting go and not allowing the issue to have power over you anymore. Perhaps you are having a great day and feel positive about yourself, write that down and then you can use those words to remind yourself of your strengths and worthiness. It is important to be mindful of your needs and journaling helps you identify those areas.  

If this sounds like an exercise that you are interested in, I invite you to try it! This is a great way to keep your private emotions and thoughts from social media and kept in a place where you can work towards a resolution. If you or someone you know struggles with self-esteem or needs a safe place to discuss their weaknesses or identify strengths, please reach out to Samaritan Counseling, Michigan City Indiana (219.879.3283), and connect with a professional.