How to Sleep Better

By: Elizabeth Clements

How to Sleep Better 

Have you ever spent a day wishing you could go back to sleep, and when it came time to lie down, you couldn’t sleep? Implementing a healthy bedtime routine can combat difficulty falling asleep. The key to a routine is consistency. Life is busy and tough, but better sleep can boost your energy and mental health.  

When developing a bedtime routine that works for you, start with time. What time do you generally lie down? How long until you are asleep? How many hours are you sleeping? From here you can decide on a time you want to be in your bed and what time you want to be asleep by. Next think about what you are engaging in while you are trying to fall asleep. Are you scrolling through social media, or watching a show you are hooked on? If you answered yes, then this might be a reason you are having a hard time falling asleep. Try to engage in activities that your brain does not have to attend to. For example, watch a show that you have seen many times; your brain will not have to pay close attention because you know what is going to happen next. Try swapping social media for a book. Another alternative is falling asleep to soothing sounds or music.  

Your environment should be part of your bedtime considerations. Be sure the temperature of the room is right for you. Some people find sleeping with a fan is beneficial. Be sure to turn off any distracting light and place your phone upside down with the sound off. If you find that your mind begins to race at this point, try simple breathing, inhaling through the nose and exhaling from the  mouth. To help keep thoughts from interrupting your bedtime routine, try writing them down before you turn out the lights. Tracking the amount of sleep you are consistently obtaining can help you develop a solid sleep schedule, too. 

Not everyone will have the same routine for healthy sleep. Making a routine that fits your style and life is important, along with being consistent. If you want to speak to a professional about healthy sleep and routines, please reach out to Samaritan Counseling, Michigan City Indiana (219.879.3283).